Farts And More Farts…

It feels like a stranger in my own territory now… well, not being able to write something here makes it even harder to start and finish one.

Do you want to read what’s in between my ears now? Let’s try in bullets:

  • Why is it so hard to lose weight? Seriously. Common?! Why can’t the weighing scale be a little kinder on me? I’ve been on No-Rice-Policy for more than a month now and YES! I’ve been sneaking out to the gym to sweat for at least twice or thrice a week… I haven’t seen a very visible result… or at least not yet? It gets a little frustrating sometimes… I’m not giving up though… I shall continue with this project drool-worthy no matter how long it’ll take… until my figure translates the sexy wits I got.
  • Clock is ticking… I know age is just a number but my ovaries don’t seem to agree.
  • Still N.B.S.B. Whether you believe it not, however pathetic that may sound… I still wouldn’t easily jump into one relationship for the sake of having one. Perhaps, I’d consider a donor? who knows  what my frantic side would bring. Back in the days, friends and I got know what’s a “crush”, friends got boyfriends, broken up, reunited, broken up again, got a rebound, get married, babies, elicit affairs, annulment, married for the 2nd time, and the list goes on… while i’m still stuck with a “crush”? I’m not even sure if I seriously have one now. Not complaining nor making an advertisement here, just stating a fact…(you.) Gusto ko lang naman ang may ka-holding hands.
  • Friends come and go… oh dear… i’m missing all of them too!
  • Health scare… I just hope the experts find some immunity to all of those monstrous diseases.
  • I’m missing my family. I miss home. Miss ko na din talaga ang puto-bumbong. Pasko na!!!!

On top of all these, I wanna remain thankful, for the many blessings that has come my way and for the many more that will come soon. I just wanna keep myself reminded that maybe life is tough, but I need not to battle them alone. Thank God for his endless provisioning.

So what have you been up to lately???



I Wish I Knew Better…Nevermind…

Oftentimes, I feel like, I do not know many things that I find myself dumb if not naive or just plain stupid… But there are times as well, when I wish I can preserve ignorance to save me from paranoia, disappointment and/or pain…

Nowadays, when everything can be “googled”, everyone has their “say” to everything, making themselves appearing like a “guru” or “the authority”, when in fact, their opinion was only in unison to some “domineering persona” / a celebrity? Or famous names to a certain crowd.

Honestly, do we really need to have an opinion on everything?

I think it’s better to stay mum and be fatuous… specially when it doesn’t concern me. Besides, I realized the more you open your mouth, the more that the air tends to get inside your head… that must explain why some forget to keep themselves grounded.

Vintage Vibe

I had the privilege to work on my “kikay” side about two weeks ago. Well, I must have mentioned before how I love doing make-ups mostly because of the satisfaction it brings to my little artistic nature.

Most girls, whether they admit it or not have their own dose of insecurities, and for me, make up is one of the tools I use to conceal if not alleviate that creepy monster. It’s flexible enough to serve me an instant oomph of confidence even if I’m plump – since fashion clothes sizing aren’t really that friendly with me.

Anyway, so much of the prologue, let me get into the details. My friend Aiza, attended their company’s annual dinner & dance – vintage theme, prior to the event, I accompanied her in searching for an outfit with these photos in mind as inspiration.

She ended up scoring a dress and shoes both from Promod.

I was excited to wear my “Ricky Reyes Hat” on the day of the event and make use of my humble resources.

It was a very fulfilling day for me, it even made me happier to make my friend feel extra fabulous on her event. Again, thanks Aiza for believing I’d deliver justice. haha!

Don’t you think we both deserve a double thumbs-up here? 🙂 Cheers!!!

Looking UP For The Rainbow

I was almost on the verge  of writing another cynical discourse when I came to read this: “Don’t Let Gravity Keep You Down” It’s an outfit post, but the title alone gave me some tuning up to improve my mood.

Anyway, I am not feeling healthy lately and that’s vacuuming out the pleasant atmosphere away from me not to add the paranoia that goes along with it. So I’d often opt to stay “solo” in my already autistic world to keep myself from spreading negativity.

Sometimes, I can’t help but think, that dreams were created to allow you to escape from the reality for awhile, where the hope can not be doubted and the zest for life is not easily dampened.

I just feel discomposed… this too shall pass… let it be over soon…

The weather might be a bit off today, but I am still looking forward to tomorrow’s shine…

Jaded Prole

Hello molds and mildews! This isn’t probably the best entry to spark up this page again… but i needed this venue to release my exasperation.

I’m not really in my usual elements right now, the “little miss optimistic me” is gone wandering… finding her way back to the norm.

Have you ever felt uninspired by the same reason that gives you the sense of worthiness? That’s where I feel I am at this moment and it feels like a vicious cycle…

Please don’t get me wrong… I am still very much grateful to everything…. but can I just say I’m tired? frustrated? worried? Uncertainties have its way of  knocking out my steadiness – causing a frantic activity with my cerebrum.

Sleeping is the means to escape while isolation justifies the lonesome…

I’ll park from this nonsense by quoting a line from a song…

 “It may sound absurd, but don’t be naive, even heroes have the right to bleed…”

My twitter handle speaks… — OnlyNarda

First Quarter Wrap Up

Yes… Parting is in the bag. A timely transition brought by inertia. It’s a clichĂ© to say that Life is but a constant change, but it truly is.  Sometimes, a mallet is required to break a mature egg when it doesn’t hatches on its own. A bit of a rough resort, but it’ could be as serious as saving a pullet.

A new leaf is budding green… Thank God for the APPROVAL today. It’s still early to celebrate Easter Sunday, but I’m a jumpy happy egg already. 🙂

How Much For A Ring?

I must be really cheap or maybe not really fond of expensive stuff. As for me, the amount of money spent does not equate to its value or worth.

A guy friend asked me about my opinion on how much budget should he allocate for an engagement ring. Well, I supposed he’s planning to propose to his long-time girlfriend soon which is totally exciting! He was asking whether $1K (SGD) would be decent, and I told him, I’m fine even below $500(I can go as low as $100 as long as it won’t tarnish? Meron bang ganun? Haha! ) I feel I wasn’t the best person to asked, because personally, I don’t require an expensive ring. I’m more into the genunity of the intention and the gesture. Based on the amount he’s looking at, I just gave him 2 thumbs up and a gigglish wish of good luck.

Isn’t it nice to know couples who are on the verge of settling down and still believes in the sanctity of marriage, despite of everyone’s turning cynical?

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it