In Between Gigi and Mary

I am still that girl… who wouldnt exactly get “the rules” and will remain clueless if not dumb about dating.

The tell tales of subtle misfits. It ‘s getting tiring and draining my already depreciating optimism. You wanna feel okay about it, because at least it didnt consumed much of your time, but you’re also back to zero from almost reaching a quarter to counting one.

Oh yeah… patience, tell me about it again and again, like I’ve never heard it 2 decades back.

You wanna reassure yourself by telling what they’re missing, but is that really the case?

Someone told me, “You have to put youself out there.”  Must I take a braver(desperate) move to wear a “Sale” sign before i’m gone for salvaging?

Well, if you’ve watched “He’s Just Not That Into You”, you’d probably agree, I am both Gigi and Mary combined.