Hello There!!!

Oh yes! Surprisingly, i haven’t forgotten my password after not checking this page for the longest time. I so wanna go back to  using this as an outlet… and hopefully, I get to write as authentic, carefree and genuinely honest as possible, not minding too much about the prejudices and overanalyzing my thoughts (really?) which often ends up not being able to write anything, if not too vague, that I myself can’t decipher what I’ve been meaning to say.

Of course, i’ll be having my terrible grammar horror and lapses, but who cares? I guess, I’ve come to this age where I can just shrug off whatever?! Or at least pretend as if I didn’t feel a twinge and move on.

I came across with this sign which somehow translate my current state of mind :


This should work for my comeback! Cheers to us, bitch!  😉