Keep Coming Back

This has been the longest time I have not posted anything here… I remember the first time I decided to try blogging, I didn’t care much whether it was worthwhile to post it, i just do it because at that time, expressing myself through writing bluntly was kind of liberating… but now, I am getting more conscious… perhaps mindful? Considering the grammarnazis lurking around the cyber world can also be some bunch of  helluva-kind cruel critics, not to add the contradicting ideals I may come to tap on. Of course, I know very well I’m just another trying-hard (work in progress) writer(?)/blogger(?) and ordinary human who can get sensitive at times. Although I haven’t really come across with any nasty remarks yet, but those aren’t avoidable.

I’m hoping to get some power-ups for this page to keep it active again.

Perhaps, ageing makes an individual more susceptible to complexities and to overthinking that I’m missing the “carefree” version of me.