I Wish I Knew Better…Nevermind…

Oftentimes, I feel like, I do not know many things that I find myself dumb if not naive or just plain stupid… But there are times as well, when I wish I can preserve ignorance to save me from paranoia, disappointment and/or pain…

Nowadays, when everything can be “googled”, everyone has their “say” to everything, making themselves appearing like a “guru” or “the authority”, when in fact, their opinion was only in unison to some “domineering persona” / a celebrity? Or famous names to a certain crowd.

Honestly, do we really need to have an opinion on everything?

I think it’s better to stay mum and be fatuous… specially when it doesn’t concern me. Besides, I realized the more you open your mouth, the more that the air tends to get inside your head… that must explain why some forget to keep themselves grounded.


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