I Wish I Knew Better…Nevermind…

Oftentimes, I feel like, I do not know many things that I find myself dumb if not naive or just plain stupid… But there are times as well, when I wish I can preserve ignorance to save me from paranoia, disappointment and/or pain…

Nowadays, when everything can be “googled”, everyone has their “say” to everything, making themselves appearing like a “guru” or “the authority”, when in fact, their opinion was only in unison to some “domineering persona” / a celebrity? Or famous names to a certain crowd.

Honestly, do we really need to have an opinion on everything?

I think it’s better to stay mum and be fatuous… specially when it doesn’t concern me. Besides, I realized the more you open your mouth, the more that the air tends to get inside your head… that must explain why some forget to keep themselves grounded.


Vintage Vibe

I had the privilege to work on my “kikay” side about two weeks ago. Well, I must have mentioned before how I love doing make-ups mostly because of the satisfaction it brings to my little artistic nature.

Most girls, whether they admit it or not have their own dose of insecurities, and for me, make up is one of the tools I use to conceal if not alleviate that creepy monster. It’s flexible enough to serve me an instant oomph of confidence even if I’m plump – since fashion clothes sizing aren’t really that friendly with me.

Anyway, so much of the prologue, let me get into the details. My friend Aiza, attended their company’s annual dinner & dance – vintage theme, prior to the event, I accompanied her in searching for an outfit with these photos in mind as inspiration.

She ended up scoring a dress and shoes both from Promod.

I was excited to wear my “Ricky Reyes Hat” on the day of the event and make use of my humble resources.

It was a very fulfilling day for me, it even made me happier to make my friend feel extra fabulous on her event. Again, thanks Aiza for believing I’d deliver justice. haha!

Don’t you think we both deserve a double thumbs-up here? 🙂 Cheers!!!