Looking UP For The Rainbow

I was almost on the verge  of writing another cynical discourse when I came to read this: “Don’t Let Gravity Keep You Down” It’s an outfit post, but the title alone gave me some tuning up to improve my mood.

Anyway, I am not feeling healthy lately and that’s vacuuming out the pleasant atmosphere away from me not to add the paranoia that goes along with it. So I’d often opt to stay “solo” in my already autistic world to keep myself from spreading negativity.

Sometimes, I can’t help but think, that dreams were created to allow you to escape from the reality for awhile, where the hope can not be doubted and the zest for life is not easily dampened.

I just feel discomposed… this too shall pass… let it be over soon…

The weather might be a bit off today, but I am still looking forward to tomorrow’s shine…


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