Jaded Prole

Hello molds and mildews! This isn’t probably the best entry to spark up this page again… but i needed this venue to release my exasperation.

I’m not really in my usual elements right now, the “little miss optimistic me” is gone wandering… finding her way back to the norm.

Have you ever felt uninspired by the same reason that gives you the sense of worthiness? That’s where I feel I am at this moment and it feels like a vicious cycle…

Please don’t get me wrong… I am still very much grateful to everything…. but can I just say I’m tired? frustrated? worried? Uncertainties have its way of  knocking out my steadiness – causing a frantic activity with my cerebrum.

Sleeping is the means to escape while isolation justifies the lonesome…

I’ll park from this nonsense by quoting a line from a song…

 “It may sound absurd, but don’t be naive, even heroes have the right to bleed…”

My twitter handle speaks… — OnlyNarda


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