The Gift of Faith

I’ve been trying to write a year-ender for my 2011, but I was caught up in a major struggle concerning my family. I was mostly restless and unsteady the whole time… only after yesterday that we were all relieved by God’s amazing grace.

Allow me to share my personal story of miracle. That’s how I see it and felt it anyway…

  • Last 26th of December, I had an argument with my mom over the phone, because she’s been telling me that she wasn’t feeling well for the past months. I’ve been urging her to have it checked even before Christmas, so when I called her that day, I wasn’t very happy to know she haven’t gone to the doctor yet, I got a bit furious, she promised me though me that she’ll go the next day, then I hang up.
  • 27th December, around 4pm just before I took an hour break from work, I called her to check on how the consultation went. My mom broke into tears… the signs aren’t good that she MUST undergo colonoscopy soon due to her recurring diarrhea (the reason why she’s being subjected for colonoscopy scared me – it might be as serious as having cancer). My heart fainted, but I needed to sound brave. Series of laboratory exams are scheduled after the New Year. How can I look forward to a new year discounting my fear?  I cried alone in my room. I cried again, while narrating to some friends about this unknown ordeal that our family may have to face. The first thing I did that same night was to pray intently and started sending out messages/email to friends asking for prayers, for I knew I couldn’t do it all by myself.  I dread waiting for January, at the same time fighting my fears. I needed to get myself prepared.

My contract at work has ended since first week of December and I haven’t signed my contract renewal because my team leader have not yet submitted my performance report and she was on leave for two freaking weeks. – an added agony.

  • 5th of January, My mom had her initial laboratory exams, and then went back to the doctor on the 6th for the results. It was found that hemoglobin in her blood was too low to proceed with colonoscopy. She was prescribed with an iron supplement to improve her blood count and some pain reliever for the stomach ache. Diarrhea didn’t stop since the first check-up. I’m beginning to be more wary that she might get too dehydrated and asked her to keep drinking Gatorade to help replenish the loss of fluids.
  • On the 11th after several chase with our HR, I finally got to sign my new contract. I needed the job security more this time, to equip myself and to be able to meet our known and still unidentified but anticipated financial obligations. My mom then was still having a continuous diarrhea and a minimum of 5 trips to the toilet every day.
  • 14th of January past dinner time, I called her and I was told that there’s blood in her stool. I panicked and urged her to have herself admitted that same night, but they can’t afford to just leave my sister alone at home ( my sister has a case of usual seizure attacks specially at night even though she’s taking her medications everyday ), we have to wait the next morning. I still went out that night after work trying to divert my worries for a while and refused to sulk myself in my room in paranoia.
  • 15th January. My mom was admitted in a small hospital in Bulacan. Her attending physician immediately ordered for a blood transfusion. The first bag of blood was only transfused on the 16th in the evening and in the morning of 17th after it was all consumed, her CBC – (hemoglobin) even went lower than her prior CBC, her blood pressure went low to 90/70. The doctors got alarmed, they insisted that my mom be transferred to a hospital in Manila, which we did. Another bag of blood was transfused that night after she was transferred; she was scheduled for CT scan the following day.
  • 18th January the CT scan equipment had technical issues, which is why they had to delay the schedule for my mom, later in the afternoon, her gastroenterologist advised that they will proceed with the colonoscopy the next day and will skip the CT scan (that means her CBC has improved).
  • 19th January My mom’s colonoscopy was scheduled at 9AM, she was sedated. The procedure took about 30 minutes. Around 9:40AM, I got a missed call from my mom’s number, an indication for me to callback. My dad was on the other line, in a choppy connection says good news! The doctors found none, but few bruises in her intestines and a case of amebiasis. Thank God!

I was shedding tears. I was too overwhelmed and moved by how great God works in our refuge. How He turned such a depressing state into a glorious moment in our lives. I just have to say, that during the entire trial, I’ve been soliciting prayers to almost everyone, while strengthening myself and my family with our own prayers. I don’t want to sound preachy or too good to be true, but how else could we survive, if it’s not about God and only Him. Of course, I have to extend my big big thanks and acknowledge our friends, relatives and the doctors for all the help, comfort and encouragement. They were all God’s instrument of greatness.

At one point when I can’t seem to bear the difficulties, I was telling myself, Should I depart? I got nothing else but faith to hold on to… I just have to hold tighter and keep believing… and yes, God never fails. Happy New Year and a Happier Birthday to me! God Bless US all!


17 thoughts on “The Gift of Faith

  1. The Gasoline Dude ™ says:

    WOW! Amazing God! When you told us about your Mom’s condition, I knew that it was not really just a trial for her, but also for you and the whole family. Good thing that you held on to your faith, and continued seeking Him.

    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7, NIV)

  2. LOTS of HUGS to you!!! i’v always known you as one of the strongest souls iv ever met and God too knows that, u have a good heart and God knows u deserved to be blessed! Am happy and thankful to God that your mom is finally ok… but do know that we will keep on praying for her And also to you and rest of ur family.. i love u and will always do..i miss u dearly sis.. waiting and looking forward to see u again.. am just here call me!

  3. Sorry ngayon ko lang nabasa ‘to, but thank God really that it has a happy ending (and quite a quirky one at that). Can’t think of a better birthday gift. Here’s to an awesome 2012!!! 🙂

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