Leona Jane On Leona Jane

Last Friday, was the very first time, I wore my new wedge. I don’t know if they noticed that I wasn’t too midget that night. Haha!

I remember how surprised and thrilled I was, when my friend Denise, named one of the shoes she’s selling after me, not that it was some kind of prestige or title, but having seen the shoes, I instantly connect with what could be some sort of representation or rather symbolical to me.

I had to place the order at once and luckily another friend brought it to me here in SG. The shoe is such a baby!

I am not a “fashionista”, but I’d like to believe that my sense of style or idea of dressing up is fairly plausible.

What I love best about the shoe, even if it’s almost 5 inches high, it’s very comfortable. I can walk normally with almost no fear of tripping. The animal print is roaring  with spunk!  Wearing it feels good, it’s a confidence boost.  Too bad I didn’t get to have a decent picture of me wearing it. I know Leona Jane and I will have more parties/events together.  😀

( Please do check the online shoe store HERE. )


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