Thrown In The Dump

Live by the moment… And forget about it. You don’t get it, do you?

Bloopers… I’ve got lots of it and I keep counting them everyday. Mistakes? Sure, I despise it, but can’t avoid it either. It’s shameful to admit but you gotta own your sh*t and make sure to learn from it.

The pain of growing? Or was it a growing pain? Either way, common factor is, both have an “ouch” on it.

Seriously, I don’t really know where’s this heading to… wish I was drunk to excuse myself from this trash.

Is there really an excuse for messing up? Or only ways to fix, if not, make it up?

How to break the cycle when the world is just going on circles…

I wish I could tell more… but I can’t and I won’t.

“I love listening to lies when I barely know the truth…”


You’re A Gift

I was having a whatsapp convo with a friend, when this idea came in to me, I instantly told her: “You are a gift”.

Allow me to expound a little on that…

If I may correlate with the saying: “no man is an island”, our mere existence is already a gift. Isn’t it a nice thought to think of ourselves as such? It’s like valuing ourselves and at the same time valuing our dealings with another.

Gifts symbolizes thoughtfulness and fondness which later results to appreciation and gratefulness. I don’t see anything wrong by being referred to as a gift.

Just like gifts, we all come in different boxes, pouch, packaging or wraps, some appeared glittery, some adorned by ribbons, while some don’t easily catch our fancies, but the real essence of a gift is what’s really on the inside… from the giver and to the one who receives it… always with the heart.


….And since Christmas is fast approaching, I’m thrilled to be part of this upcoming SG bloggers’ event. HERE. (di naman halata na excited ako masyado noh?) 🙂