Who Cares About What I Think?

But I’ll say it anyway….

“You are not a showbiz personality, so puhleeease quit the act!” (This is me, reacting violently to most some blogger/”feeling” celebs.)  

The old blogging I once knew, was not motivated by ads or events. I miss reading realistic rants, raves and ramblings of regular normal being. I just feel that nowadays, the virtual platform of expression is now being doomed by marketing schemes. Don’t you think it’s an insult to your talent or artistry of some sort? When your freedom of expression is constrained by having to conform to what a particular event suggests? To the point that one’s genuinity and honest opinions were being compromised.

I do not claim to be an expert in writing or blogging. It’s best to say that I am more of an observant and a discreet reader/follower. My blogging stint began, out of admiration to few bloggers who speak profoundness without trying to sell themselves.

What I’m only trying to say, blogging is FUN, it provides a different perspective in life by reading through another person’s mind or emotions. I just hope that aside from all the glitters that blogging may reward you, you don’t lose the passion and hopefully humility will remain as a living character in it.

“You are Unique in all the world, rare and without compare. The world awaits your insights, You are special… Just like everybody else. “



19 thoughts on “Who Cares About What I Think?

  1. Nosebleed! LOL! I miss the old bloggers as well and how they write. But I guess kanya kanya lang din, kaya nga naka-categorize na ang mga bloggers ngayon. You just have to find those who’d catch your fancy.

    • @ Gasul – echosero sa nosebleed! haha! basta may specific “few” akong pinatutukuyan, definitely not anyone from my links. basta chika ko sayo minsan. 🙂 bitchesa mode is on!

  2. Kung merong emoticons lang dito sa comment box nato’ you’d see a lot **super clap**! What you said is “Very true”! I miss it when people blog solely for themselves and not for an audience, and not for the no. of comments received…

    • hi ja! thanks for always leaving sweet remarks here. Nakaka-miss lang kasi makabasa ng mga blog na maiinspire ka to write and yung nakaka-cultivate ng thought or idea. 🙂

  3. oh my i can relate.. actually am lost for words..sometimes i think i don’t belong here or ‘somewhere’ anymore..like you know i worry that what i write is so obsolete and ‘nilalangaw’ but well i know that i don’t compete anyway i just wanted to write..even if they may call me trying hard..atleast am expressing myself… i miss u and the group in multiply…. there we can truly call it like ‘ sharing’ lang db? i miss those thoughts!! mwaahh, with all my love! take care…

    • hi evey! lately kasi, parang business oriented na masyado. best times pa rin yung kasikatan ng multiply! i miss the group we have there too! 🙂 take care always! mwah*

  4. sam says:

    korek si gasul. nooooosebleeeeed. dugu duguan ang laptop ko pagkabasa sa post mo nyehehehe. ano ba yang pinagsasabi mo na yan ha? me ganon ba?! 😛 care ko! wehhehehe.

  5. pinoyleonardo says:

    Haha. Parang tinamaan ako ng konti. Blogging is one way to rant your frustrations of being a writer or celebrity wannabe. Whenever I write, I try to be “me” but my objective is more to share stuff I learned. Whenever I blog, I always think what’s unique in it or what’s new on it that I can share. Otherwise, it’s garbage!
    You have a cute blog!

    • hi sir! (serious?!) thanks for the visit, i’ve been secretly reading your blog since i started following you on twitter, and it’s the kind of blog that i enjoy reading, it’s always well written and informative. 🙂

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