Some Stray Thought

With intent of diverting my head from too much worrying,  I wasted most of my waking hours yesterday, troubleshooting playing around with my dying “Ara”  ( short for aratilis – name given to my BB curve).

I finally got my BB App World updated, after almost a month getting an error from my numerous attempts, thinking whether I’m providing an incorrect password, though I am very certain I got it right. Found out, that I only had to tick the “auto update time zone” and whoa la!  My apps were all revamped.

The new Facebook for BB was a major leap, I decided to uninstall FaceChat since it has no use anymore, I can already  use the same Facebook apps to chat (big deal?), and so that gave me more space for new apps – PixTrix (kinda instagram-ish), WhatsApp (to cross boundaries with my iFriends) and  ( my “nose bleeding” aide ).

Anyway, “Deadpan” ( WOTD from tickled my fancy that I am writing this entry now.


1. marked by or accomplished with a careful pretense of seriousness or calm detachment; impassive or expressionless: deadpan humor.

2. displaying no emotional or personal involvement:  a deadpanstyle.

My gay lingo translator speaks: “deadma”/ “NR” — the art of not getting yourself involved, attached or affected. I just thought of correlating both words however irrelative it may sound. Some people depicts the role quite impressively –  Being “deadma” that is. Perhaps, it’s a resort to escape, a defense mechanism? Or some simply don’t care.  
Aren’t we humans are supposed to be sensitive? engaging? and linked? I shouldn’t be bothered… just asking.

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