My facebook status reads:

“it is when the simplest dreams became too difficult to reach… how can a thought of something grand would make one believe…

It’s just one of those out of the blue bubble thought… that may be interpreted as another cynical remark, but then, this could also fall under the law of cause and effect.

I hate to sound justifying and putting up an excuse to what could be considered as a negative attitude (being cynical that is) but, by nature, no one was born doubtful, right?

Aren’t we all optimistic the first time we opened our eyes?

We don’t know what frustration or disappointment means, only when we started defining our vision and  we set our hopes high but failed, that is when downfall of optimism sets in…

Maybe it will all come in passing… Timing has a lot to do with it…. I would want to co-relate it with my usual mood swings, but then, for every tall tree we see, there is a hidden root holding it underneath…

Am I arousing another arguement?! (sadyang baliw lang)


7 thoughts on “dumdumdum

  1. @ Ms.Eggplant – Wow! that’s really inspiring to know. thanks for the visit and parking a note. so sweet!

    @ Xtian – that is so true! apir* 🙂

  2. @ Saints – ikaw naman… no match nga yan sa ingles mo! hehe! salamat! bakit naman insipiring?

    @ Abhie – gets mo naman ang pinaghuhugutan nito diva? mmwah*

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