In Memory of Friendster

Before Friendster finally bids goodbye, I am posting here my favorite (meaningful) testimonials. Gusto ko lang ng repository para sa mga pambobola  nakakatunaw ng puso na mga mensahe. Sume-senti mode lang.  (sorry, for this will be boring long)

Here goes:

Gudo Jan 16 2004, 10:55 (HS Friend/Classmate)

AM If I am Bill Gates, I will fly to the  moon and back just to tell the world how useless my dollars are.  But Im not Bill Gates. Im just Leona’s very good friend. Nevertheless, that makes me one of the richest person to ever live.  So screw Bill Gates cause she dont have a friend like Leona..

Dareen Feb 06 2004, 04:48 AM (College Friend)

this girl’s really lovable.. you can easily be smitten by her charm. she’s  genuinely sweet, caring, sincere and thoughtful.  i miss hanging out with her. we used to have this bonding session before..yung it’s just the two of us..spending our time talking bout anything under the sun (and of ofcourse we never ran out of it!) we also have lots of similarities..we’re both aquarians and feeling talaga namin we’ve got lots of things in common! i love you girl and i miss you a lot! just hope we could spend some more time together. good luck! mmwah!

Florentino Mar 18 2004, 02:55 AM (Geisha-HS Friend)

Si Leona!!! parang wala akong masasabing maganda sa taong to he..he..he.. joke lang:) Well i think she’s one of my most mabait na friend during high school era. well this girl doesnt even know how to fight even she hear rude things abt her frm our friends. Wala akong  masabi kundi napakahinahon and very professional. keep that attitude dude!!! At meron akong kasalanan sa yo, I did not mentain my 10 years of  CELEBACY!!! joke lang!!! Tama na naga ang kalokohan, well if i will have a friend to treasure for rest of my life that will be LEONA JANE CAMPANA!!! ;0 SEE YOU SOON DUDE!!!

Sheila  Apr 10 2004, 03:51 AM (Closest College Friend)

This girl is of bonafide rarity…I’m really blessed wd good friends and LJ is one of them.  We met during 1998, and what can I say she was so hilarious! May mga naiinis dn samn sa classroom kc super ingay barkada namin, hahahahahha! I can tell her everything, as in no hesitations cuz so she always listens without judging me. U can always count for her support, sobra!! I love this girl so much!!!
ZeLLe May 16 2004, 12:37 PM (College Friend)

Lj,,,pinaka mature mag-isip sa lahat ng friends ko.Super galing in giving advices regarding relationship and life.Hu inspires her kaya??? Uyyy.Miss  yah much!
Sherona  Jun 10 2004, 11:34 AM (College Friend)

Ehljaey>>>tnx sa testimonials my dear friend i know marami akong shortcomings sa iyo at sa circle of friends natin if you only knew how much im missin ur company & d rest of the girls. Leona when i used to call this charming, swIt intelligent lad, way back in college all the giggles & chuckles ang di ko makakalimutan haha this girl is super dupper nkakaaliw kung humalakhak. she is a nice friend to everybody taga comfort namn grabe to paglalaban ka talaga adviser pa namin sa love life and everything. A true friend in need and indeed. Plus factor ang mga mata kumukutitap pamatay. She is one of my friend that i truly treasure di nya alam yan but now I’m telling you girl that you reside in my heart always. kahit na asot pusa tayo nun hehehe tigas kasi ulo ko. grabe dami pako sasabihin i miss everything about our college years pati ikaw miss na kita yung tarayan hahaha kakamis talaga “KEEP IN TOUCH THANK YOU FOR BEING A GOOD FRIEND

– jovy – Aug 26 2004, 06:24 AM (Cousin)

J E L L I E!!!! that’s what we fondly call her…and please don’t ask where did we get that name….ask our oldies how did they come out that name (L e o n a J an e) san nakuha yung jellie? he he he…she’s the best CUZ i have…it’s true that among my cuz we were the best budz…sa kalokohan…kapilyahan…takipan…we were always together…ewan ko ba kung bakit lagi kami ang magkakampi…PARTNERS IN CRIME sabi nila…pero mabait naman siya para sa akin…kahit madami ang umaaway sa kanya naiinis and definitely naiinsecure sa kagandahan niya…naiinitindihan ko sila :p ….the way she treated her only sis i can say the best sister din siya…i have a lot of fond memories with her…and when i say FOND MEMORY as in super happy and mega saya kanya ko unang naranasan ang walang tulugan…chika to the maxx and sound tripping lang…i miss those old days na..hope we could be together again someday…i really do…

Gada  Oct 26 2004, 05:37 AM (College Class-friend)

lj..napaka girlie,artistic at npaka galing mag paganda ng friend.mabait at marunong mag advice pag dating sa buhay at sobrang mag mahal ng kaibigan.Alala ko palagi pano mo ko pinapaganda kc untill now di parin me magaling mag match ng mga colors ng ka ek ekan sa mukha ko….ano na kaya ang balita sayo my dear?miss ko na ang cute mong smile pag binobola mo ko…joke! love u girl

nhatt’ ‘ ‘ Nov 24 2005, 03:45 AM (Neighbor)

hi ate leonz.. wazzup? gulat ka noh? hehe.. at last iL make a testi for u.. dis lady is very intelligent.. as in.. TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL.. if i may say..galing nito sa english, in poetry or whatever.. she’s a GOOD LISTENER.. THE BEST ADVISER ever.. as if she had all the experiences before..(been there done that ika nga..) this lady is BROAD MINDED..she views things in a broad way.. she can you advices without being judgmental.. walang pinapanigan pero you’ll see.. madali kang makkpgdecide if she’s the one you will consult.. we’r not that close as in laging nagkikita and nag-uusap.. once in a blue moon nga lang kmi magmeet nyan eh.. unexpected pa.. pero wenever we hav the chances to talk either personally or just in text,grabe, you will hav a very SENSIBLE conversation..!! uhm..wala na ko masabi.. basta, THANK YOU.. you’re one of the persons who lift up my spirit and cheers me up when im sad or problematic (be it on lovelife or watever).. LUV U & MIS U!!!

JC Jan 17 2006, 03:10 PM (Former Colleague)

She’s my favorite adviser.  Shes friendly, helpful & kind. Shes also fun to be with coz she makes okray everybody in a nice way, there’s never a dull moment when ever shes around. LJ? Theres nothing bad I can say bout her, only good & nice things coz thats what she really is. I can still go on with words like.. shes caring, sweet, thoughtful.. and many more! LJ, stay the same & never change.. looking forward to fun times & more of your okrays of everybody, including me. Hehehe..! take care always! =)

Alfie Jun 25 2006, 07:37 AM ( Former Colleague ) 

ELJHAY…. hmmmm well the simplest term you can describe her is …. Beautiful 🙂 .. now why? well simply because she is…. A true friend that you can count on when TTech dollars is concerned.. hehehe kidding aside, ELJAY is one of those I consider as a TBF (true blue friend) She would send unlimited messages for you to ponder with…. Well to my TBF…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart… REally…. Whaaaaaaat ? You do not believe this is a sincere Testimonial……. Whaaaaaaattttt … Just kidding hahahahaha. Keep that smile on… it looks good on you.. Take care always and GODbless.

Odessa Jan 23 2007, 11:18 AM (Friend/Officemate)

leona jane…. she’s always there to listen and gives advice. akala mo madami ng experience hehe but she’s good because she makes me feel better everytime she speaks her mind. miss na nga kita eh! wala nakong shoulder to cry on. thanks fo everything girl… good luck! happy birthday!

Jeanelyn Jul 12 2007, 07:49 PM (Friend/Officemate)

c leona jane? one of my closest friends..sensible,intelligent and higit sa lahat responsible. I admire this person because of all those traits.. last night,she made me cry..she made me realize a lot of things ( very awakening& inspiring)..Thanks so much for inspiring me.. Basta pag ngpunta nko singapore,kita agad tyo.. I miss you so much. love you friend.. ingat plagi.

Don’t you share the same sentiments with me about getting nice random testimonials? (not the one you begged and asked for huh?), it’s like a preview of a heartwarming eulogy, or a simple pat on the back, saying that “hey, I’m doing just fine…”

PS:  I’m also sharing my first FS profile pic. 🙂



My facebook status reads:

“it is when the simplest dreams became too difficult to reach… how can a thought of something grand would make one believe…

It’s just one of those out of the blue bubble thought… that may be interpreted as another cynical remark, but then, this could also fall under the law of cause and effect.

I hate to sound justifying and putting up an excuse to what could be considered as a negative attitude (being cynical that is) but, by nature, no one was born doubtful, right?

Aren’t we all optimistic the first time we opened our eyes?

We don’t know what frustration or disappointment means, only when we started defining our vision and  we set our hopes high but failed, that is when downfall of optimism sets in…

Maybe it will all come in passing… Timing has a lot to do with it…. I would want to co-relate it with my usual mood swings, but then, for every tall tree we see, there is a hidden root holding it underneath…

Am I arousing another arguement?! (sadyang baliw lang)