Green Apple

I’m not sure if my memory serves me right, “green apple” is used to describe something “fresh and new”, please do not argue with me on this, i’m just trying to sound creative. (maiba lang)

I was supposed to post this entry the minute I came home after the meet-up, but then I thought, mas masaya pag may pics para may ebidensya. 🙂

Matagal na akong emotera/chismosa/balatenggera /echosera… rah-rah-rah sheez boom-ba! (what?!)  but I never really counted myself as a “blogger”.  Feeling ko lang, di naman talaga ako suited sa title, kasi I’m not really confident with my writing. Wala akong theme and consistency. May hormonal imbalance din ang aking pagba-blogag and I’m not really up for the mainstream. (meganon?)

Anyway,  last Thursday, was a new experience to me. First time ko um-attend ng bloggers’ gathering. As in! Although marami naman na akong friends that I came to know online, but this one, took me a lot of guts to show up, kasi I barely know anyone and to think I’m coming only by myself, all the way from the opposite side of Ngongolandia. (Yes! tapang-tapangan ako)

I initially, thought of backing out, kasi shyness talaga ako, but I don’t want to appear na “royal blood” or “snob”, since isang aliping sagigilid at natural na autistic lang naman ako talaga.  So I brave myself. Wala namang regrets.

One word to describe it?! MASAYA! kahit may mga bloopers ako along the way, haggard from queuing sa taxi stand at kahit pa nga nag taxi ako late comer pa din, plus I also lost my EZ link sa taxi. (naman!)

It was fun to hear their funny insights and experiences about living in Singapore. (to think I’ve been here quite longer than most of them) Seriously, it was a breath of fresh air… kahit may awkward moments ako, they were all very welcoming. 🙂

Again, THANK YOU! it may sound redundant, but it was nice meeting you all! I’ll be snooping on your blogs from now on. (try ko din umepal ng comment once in a while) 😀


To Jepoy, Xtian, Antoni, Tago, Jackie, Jojo, Chris, Sam, Jay, Alex (salamat sa pics at imbitasyon), Saints and Joel.  Until next time? 🙂


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