Mirror Wonders

I was inside the train on my way to work earlier, when suddenly curiosity hits me and wonder how it’s like seeing your face aside from its reflection. I mean, we don’t really get to see our faces in flesh other than what the mirror reflects. It’s not like I’m trying to doubt or question the mirror, but then, aren’t reflections can also be subjective? Is the face you see is the same how others are seeing it? Or does perception defines it more?

In our home, back in the Philippines, we have mirrors in almost every area of the house, because it gives the illusion of space, making it look broader (bigger) than in actual. Given that same concept, does our reflection in the mirror provide us the same manifestation? Or is there a limitation to it?

My non-sense and pointless self-argument.

Anyway, how do you see your own reflection? Well mine varies, it depends on what time of the day and what mood I have at the moment. There are times when it’s blurry and some days when it’s crystal clear, or my vision can also be playing tricks on me?


“Mirror Mirror lie to me, show me what I wanna see…”



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