If Only Life ls A Number

Well I’m not a Math wizard and have not even majored on that subject. There have been a lot of formulas and equations that can be used to solve a mathematical problem that I find it more precise.

Just when you name a number 1 or 2 and so forth, it’s definite. Perhaps it’s more logical to think of something quantitative and visual, which explains the idea of substituting x, y and z with numerical variants to solve an equation.

What’s my point? I am guilty about overanalyzing, be it the subject or the predicate entwined. I always have the itch of understanding “why”, without really asking “why” and that I tend to debate with myself on the grounds of asking and understanding those “why’s”.

I guess that’s just how my mind works. I feel that there’s always a root for every single bud or trunk, and it’s always worth knowing… just for my satisfaction, to know and to better understand whatever that is.

Lately, I feel like I’m stuck in a limbo… Of course, I always say that I have no control over things other than myself, whatever my senses dictates, was brought by my own instinct, with partial or full consent, the bottom line is… I only got myself to blame. Can I say self-inflicted agony?

If only there were numbers to represent every single detail of our lives, then it would probably lessen the tendency for people to be lead into assumptions. As the feelings and perceptions varies… unlike in the basics of Math, why can’t it be, that problems be simplified into summation, difference, multiplication and division answered with infinite numbers, narrowed down to an absolute value. Then, problem solved.


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