Excuse Me on Valentines Day

It’s officially the “love” month and I am  feeling sentimental towards the day of hearts. I could name a hundred of reasons to feel envious thinking about those silly couple dome moments.

Few years back, when everyone’s clamoring about the Love-a-palooza, my thought bubble says: “who cares?” When you got no one to go out with and be thrilled to kiss in front of the rest of those cheesy lovebirds.

How many years have pass, and I feel like I’m getting used to it? Or am I? Of course I’ve tried to console myself in several occasions, by giving myself a rule of not working/not going out on Valentine’s Day. Who am I fooling anyway? When  I know deep down I would’ve wanted to be out in the crowd and get bitten by ants (too much sweetness I mean) If only I can call myself a “couple” even if I’m single.

Maybe I’m just tired… maybe, it’s just the thing of this season… maybe, I’m PMSing, maybe I’ve ran out of reasons to cheer myself up… maybe I’m getting older and most of my other friends who used to share the same sentiments with me, have already changed their status or perhaps they have already exclaimed all the rants they could get and I’m now the last woman standing… alone…

Yeah, I have the best family in the world and no doubt they love me unconditionally, I have a huge crowd of lovely, compassionate and supportive friends, but reality is… they aren’t exclusive.

Celebrations such as Valentine’s Day make me feel sick. It’s not like I’m asking for a posh date or anything fancy, but all I really wanted was to be able to spend it not just with any one, but someone who’s really dear to me. My constant and at times, tiresome wishful thinking…. But can you blame me? 

If only I have an access to speed up a day into minutes, Valentine’s Day will surely be one of it, until the day, when my hands won’t feel cold because I already got someone to hold. (*emote*)


3 thoughts on “Excuse Me on Valentines Day

  1. I’ve got a friend, Ina.. she’s spent most of her time/Valentine’s alone, feeling probably left out during the day (since most of her girlfriends were in relationships), I dont know if she feels the same way you do though… I am not to feel how she did… and I am not to predict it… but after years of being all by herself… she surpised (SHOCKED) most of us, her group, cuz now she’s dating our friend and i heard from the grapevine that they’re getting formally engaged though they casually are already… it was a shocker becuz all of us who got and to get married were from long engagements… and hers was like a blur, but definitely love-based. What i am trying to say in this blog-like comment is that, the right love surprises us… no one would ever be able to predict when that’s to come… and believe me, it does come when we least expect it…

  2. Hey you pretty one! I MISSED U! …..

    Anyways, I don’t know what to say actually because i ve been feeling your sentiments eversince… i don’t know how to explain that but i guess i can consider u one of my soul sisters… so i can tell what ur feeling..

    From the moment we became friends and started chatting, and learned everything abt “the love”… I’ved wished that one day…. sooner or in time…u will find ur self in each others arm…..u know what i mean and all….I can’t tell when but i believed that even if he’s not the real one for u.. destined to be with u….someday.. trust me…. the real one true love born for u will come…. u just have to open up ur heart and for possible chances……

    I LOVE U and i kept praying for true love to sooner come ur way.. Happy Valentines day sweetie!

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