Until It Hits Me

I’m kinda peculiar starting my 2011 with a countdown. I don’t know why, but for some unexplainable reason, I’m so looking forward to my birthday this year… will this be finally the realization of my heart’s life-long wish?

The erratic pound inside my chest in between my deep long breath is becoming pre-dominant. Perhaps, the idea of growing a new leaf makes my heart go giddyap or not really? Could this be just the side effect of overdosing too much on coffee?

When I thought everything has faded… no matter how much I despise the recurrence of an ailing depression… the hope lingers and was never emptied…

Am I just bounded to confine myself to this tireless delusion?

Maybe this time, the fairy of wishes concedes and the universe will conspire.

For now, I’ll stay on my kneeling pose with eyes closed… praying intently for that day… Until it hits me.


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