Keeping Up

Here goes another storm of asking “why?”

I’m bad dealing with disappointments, who does good with it anyway? And I’m in one of those phase right now.

For sure there are more heartbreaking stories out there, and I do not intend to sound insensitive about it.

It’s not like I wanted to take my disappointments against anyone, but I just can’t help to ask “why?” As if, I will be given any coherent or satisfying answer however forceful I asked.

I know, this too shall pass… but can I just take some time to be vulnerable? Even for awhile… After all, I’m just a regular human being, who’s also susceptible to different outrage and unsteady emotions.

I wanted to keep myself reminded that things will be better, like it always does…

May tomorrow be a new spring of hope… something to look forward to, far and beyond…


One thought on “Keeping Up

  1. I MISS U LOT girl! I am so sorry for not being around everytime for you but in spirit and in heart you know u were never forgotten… As am always saying to u it never fails that whatever you were going through … all i wish and hoping if for ur eternal happiness….u know am just here… not personally but am just here….pls take care..


    Love lots…

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