Encourage Me To Read

I have a little confession about reading… I love books… I always want to have a collection, a little library of some sort, but I’m not good with reading or finishing a book, however I try… I often end up in lalaland…

Anyway, I went to this bookshop called San Bookshop earlier.

The San Bookshop


It was nice to found out that although it’s a second hand bookstore, they have incorporated the idea of borrowing and reselling the books. You can pay for the book, read it, within 2 months period, you may opt to keep it or return it to them and refund back the money – a very smart deal!

Here’s what I scored:  (I’ve been curious about this book for sometime)

Thanks For The Memories

Return Receipt

I’m so happy with my purchase! I’ll try to make this a habit. There’s more I’d want to grab… perhaps next time. Cultivation of profoundness by reading is now on process….


One thought on “Encourage Me To Read

  1. Sofie Salvador says:

    Wow leona! mukhang madami na akong guso puntahan diyan sa singapore=) I love books! the smell, the art of story telling… time flies! I can even stay for an hour there just browsing 😀 it’s addictive like a beauty shop!

    ehem mukhang madrama ata ang iyong binili, which reminded me to buy for one more day ni mich albom! urgh! I forgot!

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