A Train of Thought

Words, feelings and tears… withheld.
Uncertain how  it all began… why can’t it be just gone?

How is it possible to feel a strong urge of compassion? And then comes after a sudden hit of depression…

No one owes me the way I feel…  it is only I, who’ll have to deal…

I won’t pass the blame and leave my heart in shame.
Silly… but sorry, I don’t play that kind of game…

Is there an art of suppressing an emotion?
Is it better than failing into a deception?

Delusions are my obsession.
Sometimes I had to resist the typical notion.
Can you translate a muted narration?

Step back or opt to a partial halt?

All that is written is just a draft.


Time Crunched Fun-Filled Dinner

“Every man rejoices twice when he has a partner in his joy. He who shares tears with us wipes them away. He divides them in two, and he who laughs with us makes the joy double.” –Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

I decided to pay a visit my colleague/friend Gena, to catch up some time with her and get the goodies she brought for me from “Pinas”. She’s at work and we just had our sweet escape during her 1-hour break.

We ate at Hans, right opposite her office so we can make most of our limited time. Stealing photo snaps in between our “chika updates” is part of the meeting. ( After all, any event is always a photo opportunity)

The Facade:


At Hans






The Glass Orange-y Wall



Cakes and Pastries Counter


The Food:





Grilled Salmon Fillet



Linguine Alfredo With Ham



Heaven and Earth



Iced Earl Grey Tea Latte


And then, US:





Me and Blue Shoes 🙂


Foods and Friends are always a perfect combo.

To Genarose, my “Beavis and Butthead” friend, it’s always a delightful moment spending time with you, along with the laughs, the dramas and the craziness we share! Thank you! Until next time. 🙂

Encourage Me To Read

I have a little confession about reading… I love books… I always want to have a collection, a little library of some sort, but I’m not good with reading or finishing a book, however I try… I often end up in lalaland…

Anyway, I went to this bookshop called San Bookshop earlier.

The San Bookshop


It was nice to found out that although it’s a second hand bookstore, they have incorporated the idea of borrowing and reselling the books. You can pay for the book, read it, within 2 months period, you may opt to keep it or return it to them and refund back the money – a very smart deal!

Here’s what I scored:  (I’ve been curious about this book for sometime)

Thanks For The Memories

Return Receipt

I’m so happy with my purchase! I’ll try to make this a habit. There’s more I’d want to grab… perhaps next time. Cultivation of profoundness by reading is now on process….

Due To Overwhelming Response…

Sa lahat po ng naglaan ng panahon na magbasa at maglahad ng kani-kanilang opinyon, komento, at saloobin patungkol sa aking entry na “Bilang OFW” -Maraming maraming SALAMAT PO!

Pasensya na  at matagal-tagal bago ako nakapagsulat ulit… Sa totoo lang kasi, I am taking my blog personally, It’s about me and what I think or feel, so kadalasan di ko maiwasan na hindi maging emosyonal.

Nung minsan na hiningi ang permiso ko para mai-feature ang entry sa  fanpage/Katropa Facebook site ni Sen.Villar, natuwa at nalula ako sa idea, may mga apprehension din ako, kasi I do not expect everyone to agree and/or sympathize with me, reading all your comments afterward, totally melted my heart.

I do not intend to claim heroism as an OFW, but I am keeping some pride for being able to help out and extend support to my family in my own humbling way.

Bawat isa sa atin ay may kanya-kanyang kwento… may mga pagsubok na pinagdaanan… may malungkot at may masaya, and I won’t say that life is easy…  but for sure with, and in every experiences we’ll get to meet,  it’ll be worth every breathe of it.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and wishes with me… it was one major boost not only to my moral but to everyone else who may be going through or may have gone through a difficult time in their lives, he or she may not even be an OFW like me… but I’m sure the inspiration was felt like a chain reaction. Let’s keep it going…

God Bless Us All! 🙂