Give Thanks

Sometimes, when I’m feeling hurt, offended, disappointed and or frustrated… I forget to think that in some ways, indirectly or unintentionally,  I’m also causing (or I may have caused) the same to another person… so what is it for me to dwell on it too much?

Of course it’s easier to think this way, when you’re done, over that tormenting and depressing phase.  ( Am I? )  

We all have those days… when everything don’t seem to fit… asking,  how much more do I have to lose? Or is there anything else left to lose? Too seldom that we realize that there wasn’t any case of deficiency… God loves us unconditionally… and that is more than enough. 🙂

It was nice having some quality time with HIM. Thank you God for all the blessings. 🙂



How many times I’ve questioned myself on what makes me so hooked with the internet. Sure, I don’t make business out of it, no monetary compensation and the likes… and honestly I really don’t do this online thing for money nor fame or anything… It’s just me, a narcissist? but aren’t we all have that narcissistic bone at least one or two?

When a friend, posted my blog link on his facebook wall, I got too panicky and urged him to delete it. (which thankfully he did) Although a part of me wanted to have a bit of attention, it got me scared too… I know how a word or phrase can be scrutinized and with a change of tone applied, it can totally create difference on what you are meaning to say. Yeah.. maybe I am paranoid in that sense, because, I would still want to be known as ME – the person, in flesh, more than the image or impression I may have created with the way I express myself in writing or with the photos I’ve posted. Although, I never really try to invent or fabricate the contents of my piece, but it comes from a wide array and variety of thoughts? emotions? past experiences? fears? or perhaps resentments? And, we all have those moments, but it’s all on a different time frame..a different version of the story.

I am idealistic. But my ideology, is limited within me. Common, I’m not best person in the world, I’m flawed all over… what to me is ideal, can be contradicting to another. So, I always say, it’s just me. This is what I think and feel at the moment… and it’s not absolute… Nevertheless, I am myself… even crazier for real.

Did I make a point here? I’ll end this for now, with a dot. dot. dot….