A Heart Shot

“Feelings are made to be express… it is not meant to be helpless nor kept… Dont be a loser without fighting,and never make regrets for yourself to suffer. Have the freedom to express, cause silence hurts more… love you! 🙂 “  -Mama

This SMS hits me straight to the heart. We don’t often send SMS to each other, coz I’d rather call and talk to her over the phone. Even though our topics/issues are just going on circles, we never ran out of views, assessments and opinions about life to share. We’re like the complimentary opposites of each other and yet we are still so much alike in so many ways. 

I may be many things… I may displease everyone… the whole world can ditch and misjudge me, but the only assurance I got and I hold on to, is that,  no matter what, I am loved by my family unconditionally. That’s more than enough for me.

It is true that it hurts like hell to get your heart  broken, but nothing compares to the feeling of being able to freely express how you feel, whether it’s taken seriously or not… at the end of the day… I am still the same ME, whose only dream is to love 🙂

I can’t wait to be home again, and catch up with more endless non-sense but heart warming talks with my mom. Those priceless moments I am always grateful for.


4 thoughts on “A Heart Shot

  1. Aww,it melts my heart.
    You really are yourself when youre with your family.
    And as they say,Home is where the heart is.

    I may not understand the feeling youre feeling right now,thinking youre so far away from Mom,and I know that the distance is a struggle but with prayers,your heart will always be next to your Mom.

    I love this entry.. 🙂 We’re so blessed having the Best Mom! 🙂

    • that’s why i appreciate you all keeping me company, it’s a big boost for me to get by every single day…

      thanks my! Thank God for creating wonderful MOMS! 🙂

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