I’m off from work today. I’m bored… I’m thinking of going out to take some photos, but I feel so tamad.

I don’t tweet much, but reading my feeds somehow serves a little entertainment to me.

Sa totoo lang… isa pa din akong “windang”. Ang hirap makipag debate sa sarili. Nako, try nyo lang?

Sana nga mapayagan na ako lumipat ng department, para balik Raffles na ulit ako. Gusto ko na ng bago… pero may mga luma na gusto mo i-keep, kung sana pwede…

Napapaisip na naman ako… ang hirap naman maging “ako” minsan… Bakit ba di na lang ako tulad ng iba? Eh kasi nga hindi ako yun.

Gusto ko maging busy… Busy sa mga bagay na gusto kong gawin, hindi lang dahil yun ang dapat. Ang labo ko ba?

Thankful ako sa kung ano man meron o wala. Pero… sana maiba naman… kahit minsan lang…

Homesick lang kaya ako? Eh ok naman ako ng solo ako. Hay anuba? mas magulo pa ako sa panahon…

Makapag-kape na nga lang…

black coffee

Buti pa ang kape… napapakalma ako. Eto na nga ang bagong pampatulog ko. Nakakapagod mag isip.. pero di naman nauubos ang pwedeng isipin. Does brain really works that way? It must be… just me.


Spoiling Treat

This entry was inspired by the ever lovely Sofie.

Ever since, I am never a brand conscious, be it a dress, shoes, bags or accessories. I don’t know, but I feel it’s all about advertising, imaging and marketing scheme, although I make an effort to get know “the name” just to get myself familiar with it.

Contrary to what “some” people think, I am not really a “make-up” person, I can go out without wearing any, it all depends on what my (erratic) mood suggests for the day. I am more concern on keeping my face looking neat and pimple free, that’s very basic.

I must admit that I have this inclination with make-ups more because of the artistry it allows me to express, which of course makes myself the best guinea pig and canvass for testing  and sharpening the skills ( as if? )

When it comes to make-up, I’m totally raw. I do my experiment and exploration with my bare hand, I don’t have many tools and stuff, so I just try to work on what I have available.

I went out for a mall adventure earlier, initially to accompany a colleague/friend who scored a killer mustard shade high heels from Nine West! (that’s what a premium splurging/shopping is, right?) too bad I didn’t get to take some photos, I was too engrossed with her fitting and forgot about stealing some shot.

I had a quick sneak @ Watson’s and bought myself these:

ECOTOOLS (earth-friendly beauty)

Bamboo 6 piece brush set

( Blush, Eye-Shading, Eyeliner, Concealer, Cosmetic Brush Roll and Lash/Brow Groomer )

It thrills me more to work on some dolling-up in the coming days. 🙂

I also bought :

Cucumber and Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask

( @ $1.95SGD/each ) for those nights I needed some pampering.

I was also tempted to visit Forever 21 and got myself this:

Cream/Pink/Clear Earrings @ $7SGD

Such a stealer huh?

Anyways, my day wont be complete without spending a chat over some frappe.

Mc Cafe's Caramel Frappe and Me

with the Shopping Goddess Maj

‘Til our next pay day! 🙂

A Heart Shot

“Feelings are made to be express… it is not meant to be helpless nor kept… Dont be a loser without fighting,and never make regrets for yourself to suffer. Have the freedom to express, cause silence hurts more… love you! 🙂 “  -Mama

This SMS hits me straight to the heart. We don’t often send SMS to each other, coz I’d rather call and talk to her over the phone. Even though our topics/issues are just going on circles, we never ran out of views, assessments and opinions about life to share. We’re like the complimentary opposites of each other and yet we are still so much alike in so many ways. 

I may be many things… I may displease everyone… the whole world can ditch and misjudge me, but the only assurance I got and I hold on to, is that,  no matter what, I am loved by my family unconditionally. That’s more than enough for me.

It is true that it hurts like hell to get your heart  broken, but nothing compares to the feeling of being able to freely express how you feel, whether it’s taken seriously or not… at the end of the day… I am still the same ME, whose only dream is to love 🙂

I can’t wait to be home again, and catch up with more endless non-sense but heart warming talks with my mom. Those priceless moments I am always grateful for.

Stir Fried Chicken and Pineapple Chunks

My first food entry:

I’m not really sure what to call this easy-to-cook recipe.

My initial version, was using chicken wings, but while I was at the grocery earlier, the boneless chicken thigh appealed to me more, because of the convenience of eating. I only decided to  cut it into chunks to match it with  the pineapple tidbits.


  • chicken (boneless)
  • pineapple tidbits
  • string beans (bitsuelas)
  • garlic and onion
  • salt and pepper
  • brown sugar (optional)
  • cheese (for toppings)

Fry the chicken until golden brown. Then, saute garlic, onion, chicken, pineapple tidbits(with the juice) and string beans. Add salt, pepper and a dash of sugar to taste.

Viola!!! It’s all ready to serve:

The fried chicken and the contrast between pineapple’s sweet sour taste, will make even non-veggie lovers appreciate the crunchy string beans. I would recommend to top some grated cheese upon serving. ( I did not put on cheese yet, as this is meant to be my “baon” – I’ll have it before I reheat it in the oven ) Interesting? Thumbs up? 🙂