In Uniform

To me, uniformity — is being able to do same things but not seeing the other person as a rival or a competitor which to me, defines the essence of a real friendship.

You encourage… you support… you listen…ย  just the same, of what you get from them or even greater.

What I am only trying to say is that between friends we can always agree and disagree, think alike or differently… you are in uniform, but still each one reflects his/her very ownย  characteristic.

We can all cook, eat, sing, write, chat, whether we follow the norm right or not, who cares? Weโ€™re friends! You are appreciated and loved whether you are deformed or in perfect form.

I am happy to have an amazing pretty bunches.ย  We’re like Rainbow Brites and Care bears we’re all in-sync, but one can only keep a single color and title.ย  How about Purple Six for Bio-man? Hmmm…

I’m thinking Sailor moon costume would be a lot cuter? Care to drop your thoughts people?

( I’m seriously fantasizing myself in one of these )


6 thoughts on “In Uniform

  1. I love Sailormoon – the tagalog version.. Hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yes, though we (mgateh) have different identities, coming from different places, different struggles in life, different level of understanding – still we CLICK! And I love it!

    It’s truly a blessing to know everyone, we may not see each other in person but I look forward everyday to talks and laughs over twitter and now, wordpress!

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