Butterfly Kisses and Goodnight Prayers

“I can write the saddest lines…” —  but I refused to.
I have quoted that phrase from a friend in one of her latest status update.
Does the rainy season have something to do about the gloomy mood?
How many times have I made myself known about my convictions? Has it changed? I’ve got nothing to retract for sure… but some requires transition.
What’s inside my heart? It’s sad… but I can’t embrace unhappiness for too long…  I want my heart to be a place of wonderful memories… simple dreams… images of happy encounters of you and me….
I may be shedding tears… and will be crying still… but whatever it is that I have nurtured with love… I’m keeping it… untainted… unchanged… a beautiful piece…
Butterfly kisses… and Goodnight prayers just enough to seal the day…

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Kisses and Goodnight Prayers

  1. i am speechless! just wanted to send you TIGHT HUGS! sooner in time– you'll smile again..you'll be ok..you'll be healed..God is walking with you… be strong!

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