Following Some League

So much noise are bouncing everywhere about the recent NBA Finals. Well, I seriously forgot about basketball after “Jawo” (Robert Jaworski Sr.) retired. 
The memories of how my cousins and I are gaga over Baranggay Ginebra are vivid images of my enthusiastic and energetic youth. We even know the song “Pag Nanalo ang Ginebra” by heart and even its losing counterpart, which of course we refuse to sing anyway.
There’s something about “jawo” that makes Philippine basketball an interesting sports to watch, considering that I don’t have any sporty bone in my anatomy. Must it be the “angst” and that strong intimidating appeal sends a charismatic appeal? Probably that worked the same, on why he was once part of the senate, more than being a marketing graduate. Ha-ha!
PBA then, was more “pinoy” to me, I mean, Pido Jarencio, Val David and Noli Locsin appeared more Filipino looking than some crossed breed shooters. Unlike now, those emerging standout players are mostly Fil-Ams. Although I will exempt Vince Hizon for he’s a real basketball court eye-candy that never misses to make me scream ecstatically with his long throws and sure basket shots! Whew!

Actually, this basketball fascination phase I had, started all because of my POPS. He was proud (actually more like brag) that he used to play side-by-side with Rudy Distrito in his former stint on a national league, which eventually sends him to the baranggay level.(LOL)

Here in Singapore, most people are football enthusiast than a basketball fan, so there’s not much argument about which court I stand. How I’d love to get few kicks and hit those annoying customer I talk to every day, since I can’t get them into the basket. (Literally)

To the first ever basketball player I’ve been cheering on. Happy Father’s Day Pops! You are the legendary man in my life!


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