I Have A Dream

A fantasy…
To help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth the while…

 “There I go being critical again. Does a man have to stand on one foot and juggle for me to consider him entertaining? What am I looking for? A knight?…No, knights are all polished and shiny. I think my taste runs to something with a bit of tarnish and maybe a few scratches. Someone who can make me laugh and cry and make me angry and make my knees tremble when he touches me.”  -Nora Roberts (The Heart’s Victory)

I came across this quote and instantly… that “one” person dominated my head again…
I must be terminally sick… for never getting tired of hoping that one day… just maybe… my dream will become a reality.
The Sun never stops from shining after all the storm…. even when darkness sets in… there’ll be Moon and Stars to glow….
I wish there was a better way to say that “I miss you so…”
And just so you know… I am still with you…

3 thoughts on “I Have A Dream

  1. dang i have so many Nora Roberts. ka nginig tuhod love stories. when i want to dream i read romantic novels, well noon yun, I think i need to rehash my day dreaming powers again. Cos it's fun.

  2. salamat sa pagbisita mommy katipunera!!!"I have a dream, a song to singTo help me cope with anythingIf you see the wonder of a fairy taleYou can take the future even if you fail"

  3. miracles happened, and so is dreams come to reality! as long as your happy dreaming, dear hold on to it! you'll never know.. God is watching you.and He truly loves you..I know in HIS heart he misses you more…

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