As If It Was More Than 24 Hours

I had so much for the day…

The moment I came in the office and open that “envelope” — it was unbelievably horrifying! I was scared to death. I thought I will be sent back home or worst be the next “Flor Contemplacion”. I will have to attend to it immediately, or else I will be doomed.

The past three days, I’ve been really feeling extraordinarily weird… I feel there’s something wrong… getting frantic, emotionally unstable and  helpless… but then, you’re out of touch… locked up.

I’ve been acting tremendously ill. My erratic mood swing is getting on me. I’m stressed from work with tons of desegregated thoughts and worries lurking in my head.

I need to vent out… I wanna shout…. aaahhh…. to unload… it’s getting heavier than the usual…

The coming weeks I shall know my verdict. I’m trying to act cool.. just to shoo these blues and worries away. I really want to go home. 😦


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