Last Minute Luck

Believe me, I’m very good at work when I’m cramming. A lenient period does not favor me, because I tend to be complacent. It is only when the deadline is near, that my natural magic results to an impressive output. It seems like the crunched hour extracts my almost drought creative juices.
Anyway, about a week ago, we had our company’s annual dinner and “dance” ( not sure about the dance part though ). It excites me to attend such events, because it is the only time to doll myself and wear something I don’t fit every day.

A week prior to the event, I was already having a dilemma on what to wear. I do not wish to spend so much for a one-night affair, but I don’t want to discount myself from feeling glam too. (Why does looking good had to costs a dime? ) I had a brown tube dress which was bought cheap few months back and which I haven’t worn yet. (How does a 150Php dress sound?) I don’t have enough confidence to show off my humongous arms so I even asked a “fashionista” friend for some recommendations.

The night before the event I had a trouble getting a decent sleep. The next morning, with only 3 hours of enforced eyes-shut, I still don’t have shoes to wear, no accessories to use or any piece of cloth for the conceal.

I went to the mall… walking like a helpless poor puppy, with a little money to spend. My fairy god mother must have done some wonders when I landed my feet inside the Cotton On shop and found this loose bolero jacket with interesting gold sequence details – selling at $10SGD (300Php) yippeee! I was really eyeing for something “gold” to match the brown dress with.

I went home, took a bath and prepare the stuff I had to bring to the office, for some hair and make-up action (stint) with my two other colleagues.
After alighting off from the train, I had a quick escape to another mall (trying my luck one last time), just opposite the bus station where I will be taking another ride to reach the office. And my… found a golden shoe! It was a steal at $15 SGD (450 Php) BINGO!!!

Finally my outfit is complete!
Just got lucky!

4 thoughts on “Last Minute Luck

  1. @Ibyang – thanks hane! @deadlychic – what is Joy? awesomeness! thanks!@evey – box office! it was just another photo ops i don't want to miss. salamat evey!

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