Another Mindless Thoughts

I wonder why love is causing people to be hypocrites.

I noticed, for most people I know, after breaking up with their significant flames, ends up wearing this hypocrisy suit. Is it a phase? Or a process that one had to go through to expedite the healing process? Perhaps, it is part of the chapter that covers โ€œthe art of letting goโ€ (making it sound like a course) or was it just a clear case of bitterness?

I donโ€™t knowโ€ฆ I canโ€™t speak about something I am inexperienced of, besides, how would I know? Why would my irrelevant opinion matters to another? Iโ€™d probably sound less convincing, when I am currently dealing with my own struggle understanding what is that elusive four-letter word truly means. Isn’t โ€œamoreโ€ supposed to be felt and expressed rather than define? And how can someone know what the other person truly feels? When all you can do is sympathize.

Maybe I have locked up myself in this surreal world of my own ideals (fantasy). Is that too superficial or delusional?

Would you rather be smart and put up a tough front, but haunted by your own self-denial?

I don’t mind appearing pathetic for as long as I know I’m real. I owe it to myself, to feel what I feel and not be hypocrite about it.

4 thoughts on “Another Mindless Thoughts

  1. As for me, I didn't knew it right away..all i remember.. It feels good.. then found myself chasing my destiny.. perhaps love is love… it all happens when your right that moment.. u just feel it…

  2. this is not a mindless thoughts… in fact a woman should not rely their happiness with a man all the way. That being said, single is not a crime. Peer pressure is.. kung makikiuso ka lang dahil mga blooming at tarush ang love life ng mga tao sa paligid mo… patay tayo jan. Be proud, man or without a man you should be proud because kung ano man ang narating mo sa buhay mo yan ay dahil sa iyo =) kaya pag nakita mo na ang guy para sa iyo, atlis nasabi mo nagawa mo na ang lahat mag isa at ang inspiration mo: ikaw at ang family mo bongga! independent woman!

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