It was on the 14th of May… my heart was beginning to feel heavier as the hour passes – it was my last day of stay in the Philippines as I am leaving for Singapore the next morning.

Twenty-three days was the longest break I had from work, and yet it still feels inadequate…too little time to catch up for the months I’ve been away… and yes, I am still missing “him”.
 My hopes were slowly drifting…

I refuse to get into the details on what, who, how or why…
I just wanted to express how very much privileged I am to be able to meet and spend even a few hours with these two wonderful and beautiful women.

Thank you…
For making me feel at ease and welcoming me with your warm company,
For the smiles and laughter you graciously shared with me,
For the pleasant exchange of spontaneity,
And most of all, I am indeed, very grateful for taking the time to spend with me.
Thank you… for making part of my wishes come true….
It was very nice meeting you both.

One of the sweetest treat I ever received. Thank God It’s Friday! Until next time… Cheers!

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