Withering Hopes

What else is left if the hope is gone?

I got quite a handful of it…
Things you wish you had and can do, but you can’t, because of limitations…
I don’t know… Maybe it’s just me…
I know that I hold nothing in control of, other than myself.
The situation I am in is already given. It’s part of who I am or who I have become.
I keep reminding myself, that all these will come in passing… that life goes on… I got no choice but to get by… that maybe I just needed some time… ( who knows for how long? )
When people see you as a strong person, it’s more difficult to overcome your fragility.
Am I really strong? Or I just choose to put up a tough act? Just enough to keep my folks from worrying.
If there’s one thing I am certain about myself, I know I am sensitive…
Perhaps I am using this to strengthen and weaken myself at the same time…
Which is totally contradicting, it feels like being pulled against the two opposing poles.
I am like torn on both winning and/or losing end. (hay labo)
My melancholic tendencies… *sighs*
Easier said than done…but I believe that this too shall pass…
Holding tighter to my faith…
I know someone UP there is in charge. So help me God…

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