What’s The Pressure?

When I decided to move here, I know I’m doing “hardcore”. Unlike multiply, this BlogSpot has a much broader exposure. I knew that… Being exposed, would mean, being open to the harsh critics, (not that I have one now- I hope not ever)
You see, I’m just being a little paranoid.
Do I really have to make sense always? When I know I don’t…
Am I intelligent enough to express an opinion? Which I feel I am unripe of personal experiences….
Should I be concern when people started following me?
What do I care for? Or why should I???
I have this HUGE fascination over “smart people”, those type who doesn’t have to wear an “I AM SMART” tags, because it naturally reflects on how they express themselves… at the same time, I am easily intimidated by them. I tend to shy away or keep myself distant.
Whenever I feel I posted a good entry, I find it hard to make a follow-up, in wanting to be consistent, I tend to overdo it. It’s not like every day that you’ll hit the jackpot… and I know that I am consistently inconsistent!
I have been really telling myself to start reading good decent books…but I always fail… I deserve a major “boohoos” and big Loser sign, when talking about books! I even debate with myself, whether reading a book is enough to earn a sound perspective in life? I know that enormous amount of knowledge comes with reading, but does wisdom automatically comes with it? Ha-ha! What is being defensive/offensive?
Would you believe that I even ask “Yahoo Answers” on Blogging 101? When I knew or I thought I have been doing it for sometime.. Am I not?

So there, this is just out of  concern for those who took time reading my entries… It’s  making me extra conscious… I can’t make any promises though… thank you for the tolerance you extended reading this.
After all, I call this blog, my fancy-free wheel. I am just living up to the hype and crazy ride. Life’s like that! It’s FREE and keeps on turning around.

5 thoughts on “What’s The Pressure?

  1. wag kang m-conscious…you are doing just fine hane :)just keep sharing your thoughts. i read what you write not because we are friends but because you also make sense 🙂

  2. hi hane! you know you are one of those i am looking up to not only with blogging(which of course you're undoubtedly good at) but also with your convictions in life. thank you for finding sense with my thoughts! thank you more for the friendship! mwah!

  3. if u call ur self nonsense with regarsd to ur blogging then what do you call me? or how will you call me? hahaha.. ako trying hard sobra.. but iv learned to care less about what others will say na.. unlike before na offend ako.. thanks to ur influence hehehe.. kung d mo alam isa ka sa mga pinakamatalinong tao nakilala ko.. walang stir yan.. totoo yan! mwaahhh…

  4. thanks evey! ako pa nag influence sayo eh noh? ok lang naman maging trying hard, at least we tried di ba?actually,i never consider myself na matalino, ang bigat eh. basta marunong ako magbasa at magsulat ok na yun. thank you!

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