My Special Someone

One of the best things about being an adult is the realization that you can share with your sister and still have plenty for yourself.– Betsy Cohen

My sister is finally home!

It was past two months since we opted to keep distance from her. It was one of the most heartbreaking moments that our family had to deal with. That was the first time ever, she was sent away from us… hopefully there won’t be any recurrences.

We did send her to an institution with the intention of seeking psychiatric aid. She had meningitis before she turned 2, and everything wasn’t normal since then. I will not further elaborate on other medical definitions because the bottom line is, she still falls under the “mentally challenged” category, or some would put it as loose sanity. I am not ashamed nor will deny the fact that yes, she requires special care. After all, she is indeed very special to me!

I am a bit skeptical now, how the people from the outside, will be treating her… It is no secret how we tagged ex-convicts as detrimental casts in the society, even though some are found not guilty of any crime. I wouldn’t be hypocritical to say I am not bothered about my sister’s own branding nor I won’t  be sensitive about it. God knows how I have kept myself on low-key all these time, I am usually the diplomatic one, but I will never promise to keep myself as steady when my own sanity is triggered by bad mouth and inhumane gestures against my sister. I have a high regard with fairness and humanity… but I sure have limits too.

I am concerned because she underwent treatment, but the community didn’t. There are people who are born devious and ill minded, I just wish I have the means to protect her all the time. But we can only do so much…

I owe who I am or what I have to my sister, because whatever good I may be doing  is mostly out of  her inspiration. I don’t think our family will be as bounded as we are now, if  not because of her.

Most people say, I am the gifted one. With all humility I would agree,  giving the credit to my not -so  ordinary sister, the special ONE, to whom I draw the gifts I have.  I am blessed!

She will be turning 25 soon! Just in time for my homecoming! I am really excited and can’t wait to sleep beside her again. 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Special Someone

  1. I am looking forward to meet little sister and ur mom.. Don't worry things will be ok for u and ur family.. 🙂 U are their Angel. Am happy to hear that she's finally home!! Am sure she can't wait to see u too..

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