Some Kinda Blue : Luna!

Most twit updates I read last 30th of March were about the “Blue Moon” visibility. I really don’t know if they mean blue as color or other blue translation… I was itchy to leave the office the soonest that night, as I don’t want to miss that blue moon moment. In my head, I was really thinking of the color blue! Ha-ha! I didn’t have my camera with me, only Lindy and my other F330 phone. Lindy doesn’t have the zoom function, so I opted to use my older phone to capture what I saw.

Here’s what I got :

No editing was done. I thought it was a bad shot, or was it? I just found this after checking my phone today. 
Well at least it looked more “blue” in this picture! 
Some gullible moment can result to realistic output! This made me smile! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Some Kinda Blue : Luna!

  1. @opornido thanks! blocked? ngek! minsan ko nasilip yung blog mo through Nikki… nosebleed. salamat sa pagbisita!@Eve i thought at first it was literally blue. uto-uto nga ako eh. hahaha! i got a little disappointed paglabas ko ng office, took the shot still, tapos yan na yun! inuuto din ako ng phonecam ko!

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