Self Trade: Anyone?

What if, I was not the same “ME”? Who shall I be?

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be someone else… Maybe, my life will be a different story, but I am not… I guess, this must be basics of learning the art of endurance…
Why can’t I be free from all of this weirdness in a snap?
I should be glad that I’m tied up with more work this week. It keeps me away from my immeasurable tireless thoughts! (At least even for few hours) Rationalizing results from irrational inputs. To eke out a  sense of value, from an intermittent disguise. 
When it is enough? Or when to know you’ve had too much or too little?
I know I should be paying my penance for this week… or is a kind of penance already?
I would rather appreciate skepticism, than be given the confidence and use it to my detriment.
Fragility is part of being human…. 
I pretend to be numb sometimes, still, I am only human. 

One thought on “Self Trade: Anyone?

  1. Like u said what others people say doesn't really matter at all times. Sometimes we need to weigh things in our selves. Cos we most know whats best for us. Maybe ur still in the process of finding ur self girl.. or maybe there's just an emptiness within which make you feel you're weird or sometimes makes u sad…Take your time… 🙂 slowly you will find peace and eternal happiness within ur heart..I love yah girl!

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