Don’t Bother, It Don’t Matter

Being in the crowd and being one with the crowd. — An almost identical phrase with an entirely different meaning.

To be associated with something or someone makes it more obvious that you took some part, but not a general implication that you’re “one of them”. There are times when you need to commingle, in accordance to the majority, but that doesn’t mean you have to morph yourself into a strange persona… just like a chameleon, one must adapt in the environment he/she’s in. Change is inevitable, but it can either be permanent or transitory. Seasons, things and people are in continuous transition, but you still define YOU!

Like what I often say… who we are or who we’re not, what we have or what we don’t, can be both immaterial or substantial, depending which land we step on or to whom do we belong? The things we hold on to or opted to let go of, may be seen totally different by an anonymous crowd and by those who are staring afar from the opposite ground.

Just be yourself… It’s ok to be carefree! Crazy is the real sanity! 🙂

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