Marching MARCH

March is nearing its end. Yaay! Congratulations to ALL the new graduates! Endings are new beginnings! Exciting!
What’s up with me? What else would consume my days other than work? That’s actually  the majority of it. Long conversations over the phone, with no less than my Mom(chikadora-mate), just to update each other on how our days like. My usual top-up of 60SGD a month, shoots up to double, almost  nearing triple? I’m imposing a major self-control NOW! Another “ouch” in my pocket hole.
Trying to do preps for my vacation. I’m looking forward to a longer vacay this April (the longest so far i think?). Errands to do. Grabe! I didn’t know that filling in a “balikbayan box” can create such a heavy pressure on me, not to add the huge consideration of keeping up with my budget. What is budgeting? Huh?! Spell L.I.M.I.T.A.T.I.O.N.S!
I have been into number of warehouse sales. It’s the SALE(hoarding) season here, my goodness! but then, my wallet doesn’t go in-sync with it. Yada yada yada… another “dream on-better luck next time” mindset to console and deceive my impulsive buying tendencies. (why can’t my ATM card goes with that impulse?)

I have been tweeting on several movies I am looking forward to see on the big screen, but so far, I haven’t been to the movie house this 2010. Thank God for the online streaming, although I dread  time for buffering  — got to blame “the flash” internet connection I am using. 
I finished listening to “Dear John”(I’ll try to come up with a separate entry/review about it) — Yup! I listened, not read! Audio books are my new love! Thanks to my good friend Gena, who’s tolerating and actually supporting my audio book resorts. I just got the new audio files and will get my ears tuned in to Eat, Pray and LOVE very soon. That will be so perfect for the lent. Time to reflect…  

And by the way, my short hair picture was a bluff! But I’m considering to get it done  after receiving all those sweet compliments, Or not really? I’m still torn, because it took me years to have long locks… Let’s see where my moods lead me in the coming days. 
So there… NO “MMK” (maala-ala mo kaya) narration for the now, til next time! I’m marching out! 🙂

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