Out From Chaos

Is a crutch, the only sign of being crippled?
Or bleeding as for the wounded?
Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be too obvious…
A certain quote says : “Sometimes, I just smile.. because it’s easier to do than explaining why I’m sad..” ( sighs…)
They say, LIFE is how we see it, that our concept is mostly dictated by our very own perceptions. Well, I would like to say YES, as an agreement, but how I wish it was just all about mind conditioning… then probably, no one will ever get hurt and or disappointed…
After all, our body is not solely compose of the nervous system where the brain is an essential organ, we need to have 5 others too, (circulatory, muscular, skeletal, digestive and respiratory) to complete the human anatomy, (so much of that, trying to be scientific huh? ) Those are only but physical and how about other intangible aspects? Aren’t we also chained by our feeble emotions or molded by our faith?
Who is spared from everyday injustices? or who was never unfair him/herself, for at least once or twice? LIFE can be both FAIR and UNFAIR. Oftentimes, when difficulty arises, we tend to concentrate on the shabbiness of the current state rather than the opportunity of unfolding greater chances and possibilities… ( That hits me – I am convicted guilty! )
One of the realizations I learned… that life’s condition are usually circumstantial, how we respond to it, is more substantial, out of our genetic (mal/dys)function or rather by defined characteristic. Think of chain reaction and what difference it can make.
When the tides are high and in spatial flow. Human instinct suggests two: either drown ourselves to death or struggle to swim and resurface, while tightening the grip on faith and with hope.
We all have our days… when all the “un”, “dis” and “nega” feelings are domineering, and we just wanted to quit…(it’s the easiest way out, I know..)
Look around… you’ll be surprised… you’re not alone… Indeed, life is tough… but you are tougher than what you think… Look UP, for someone UP there, is carrying the load for YOU… for all of US… perhaps an acknowledgment is what we are all missing… Let’s remain grateful all the time.
( I need to keep myself reminded by this too!)
Countless and Endless THANKS!!!
God Bless!

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