I Hate To Say: I MISS YOU


-is often overused and yet underrated.

-is not enough to contain the weight of emotions of what someone is meaning to say…

-can be too generic, because the same phrase is used, even to non-living things.

-it has an immeasurable depth and intensity which can be misleading at times.

-the frequency makes it less meaningful – no matter how genuinely uttered every tick of the clock.

-even how often it is expressed, the longing never stops.

Most of ALL,

I hate to say I MISS YOU, even when or how much I DO,
because it makes the TIME and DISTANCE even more unbearable…
like a dreadful annoying disease… it sucks!

I want a CURE…

Healing suggests TOGETHERNESS…

Can I have it with YOU?


5 thoughts on “I Hate To Say: I MISS YOU

  1. ah sucks to miss someone and can't do anything about it. Ganito gawin mo. Go out with your friends there. Get drunk and flirt.Or just get drink pala. But then again pag-uwi mo miss mo pa din sya. What is it in human brain that triggers this kind of longing for someone? grrrr.sorry girl. hugs. Oi close. hihihi. uwi ka na. I am Denise Katipunera

  2. thanks Den!I'm going out once in a while, tried to get drunk(well not really), flirt? di ko carry..any of those are only but artificial for me.thanks sa "HUGS" -feeling close nga! Ruffa G.?!

  3. Tha hardest way to say i MISS YOU is when you know you really can't have them [ or see them] .. been there and i know how it really feels…HUGS! don't worry send/blow your kiss and tears and ur prayers and wishes to the wind and it'll give it to the person you miss/love.

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