Through The Grapevine

About 4 days ago, I tweeted the link of Jasmine’s Valentine’s Day entry “Love Like You Know It”. For I thought it was nice to share her story on how she spent Valentines Day with her son MIO who’s in the midst of battling cancer.
The next day, I was exchanging tweets with Abhie just like our usual routine, when she started asking me about Jasmine’s blog. I don’t know Jasmine personally, but since I have been following her blog for a while, I remember she have had entries where she posted her contact details, and so I told Abhie on how she can possibly try to look for it.
It was very quick that Abhie posted a tweet update that she finally made a call to Jasmine. Then, few minutes after, I saw a missed call from her and decided to call her back.
Goosebumps… we ended up crying over the phone. I was totally moved on how God moves in amazing ways more than we could ever foretell.
Please check Abhie’s journal HERE
I also got private message from another blogger/friend, that she have already contacted Jasmine about sending them some financial aid too.
That all happened in less than 24 hours.
I, personally,  am dealing with a major challenge in our family, but that’s different story… Who is MIO or Jasmine to me? They are living inspirations… a spark of hope… that, yes maybe we all get bruised and tormented individually, but God has always been with us in every step of our journey… He delivers and always provides. A miracle is happening every single day. We just have to keep our hearts open to welcome it.

Keep the faith… God bless US all! 

Feel free to check on : – Let’s give CANCER a good FIGHT!

2 thoughts on “Through The Grapevine

  1. giving is living. If you stop wanting to give, there's nothing worth living for.And of course love. You give because you love. Mio is too young for that shitty cancer. you're an angel leona katipunera. I am Denise Katipunera btw the word verification code here is – mistrapo. shushal uh.

  2. if i may quote kris aquino's line: what is a blessing if not shared?naku naman, i'm far being an angel… IKAW kaya ang original na anghel na katipunera!salamat sa pagbisita sa bago pero luma kong tahanan.word verification is auto generated kaya! 🙂

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