A not so Sunny Sunday

Starting up….
As of writing, I only had 3 hours of sleep since yesterday, I can already feel the stress in my nape area. Bangag + Zombie in one.
I managed to prepare chicken cordon bleu as my present for Rico’s (my college friend Sheila’s BF)  post birthday dinner at their place. It was a success! I feel fulfilled! 
I’m stressed with work… to many pending cases to close. Hopefully I’ll be able to get up early and resolve all those. tsk! consistency is the key….
Photos for the day:
the path leading towards the block where I am staying
on the 11th floor
The chicken cordon blue I prepared for Rico’s post birthday celebration
My closest friend Sheila back in college days… happy to spend time with her again
I finished writing this entry @12:01. Sunday’s over… Monday here I come…

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